Our Mission

Love for Cats Animal Rescue is a South Florida nonprofit organization dedicated to humanely trapping homeless cats and providing them with medical care, food, and, when possible, permanent shelter through adoption.


They do care. Liz is the best
Nicole TR
15:34 27 May 23
Great price. Excellent services. It was a joy working with Liz
Sean Mattingly
21:52 01 May 23
Liz, was a life saver. She was the only rescue to respond in a timely manner. I highly recommend.
Jean Andrietta
21:16 27 Apr 23
What a great service for cats. Liz is a cat angel. I send her an email and she respond right away. Pick-up the two cats and they are back fixed and vaccinated. Thanks Love for Cats for the above & beyond service🙌🫶🏼😻
Ivette Delarosa
13:00 24 Apr 23
Great place, very attentive.
Thomas Quinn
15:22 14 Apr 23
I can't say enough good things about Love for Cats - and especially Liz. I have had a stray mama cat I've been trying to catch for more than a year. She had 4 litters of kittens, and I would spend my nights wide awake worrying about her after she ate and disappeared until the next day. Liz was able to trap her within a few hours, took her to the clinic, had her fixed, and returned her to me. We were also able to rescue all 4 kittens who are 100% able to be handled and ready for their forever homes. I am so, so grateful to Liz for her guidance, for being so patient with me- and so kind. Whatever I can do to assist this rescue in the future, I will do, and I would recommend that anyone else who is able do so as well. Definitely recommend that you call her if you need help with feral cats.
Danielle Katz
15:59 13 Apr 23
Liz was amazing, compassionate, professional. I was so incredibly pleased with how she handled our concerns. We had 5 stray cats that needed trapping and...
Ben G.
09:20 10 Mar 23
What an incredible support to our Broward community.
Orly Torre
13:21 04 Mar 23
A kind and lovely lady named Liz came to my home this morning and trapped 6 of my 8 kitties to neuter and give shots and all the awesome great stuff a Vet could do to give these kitties a better life. Watching Liz trap them while I watched is pure Love! Thank you Liz!
anna kayode
15:17 01 Mar 23
Found a beautiful stray 4-5 wk old kitty yesterday evening & Liz (Owner) met me to scoop her the very next day! Amazing turnaround, thanks so much!!
Kyle Picha
04:00 01 Mar 23
I’ve been trying to find reacue for pregnant mama and Love for cats responded right the way, and was ready to come to location already next day! Super fast trapping thank you so much
Lilith Il
17:44 24 Feb 23
I wanted to share my friendship with Liz. We met six years ago and she helped me trap 30 homeless cats and every time was fantastic. I was very satisfied with her service. She’s very nice person and professional. She loves animals and thank you Liz for your help and dedication to the beautiful abundant animals.
Jolanta Prax
02:36 24 Feb 23
I literally adore love for cats she so much help to me and my cats very affordable very generous and kind! And she always make sure my cats are very healthy and she has such a lovely environment
Shamir Edwards
00:43 24 Feb 23
Grasias. Liz por ser hese. Anjel que yegate. A mivida cuando más lo nesecitaba. Por Amar el mundo de. Los gatitos nesecitados que sufren tanto por que fuhere muchos no. los. Ama. Tu trabajo es inpresionante. Como lo realisas tan. Profesional. dedicasion que tienez y sobre todo. Amor. dios bendiga tu. Trabajo. Nesecitamos jente como tu. Tenaz. Pero sobre todo con corazón grande para. Amar. Al mudo. Felino no tengo conque pajar tu. hayuda. Love. Liz😍😻😻😻😻👼👼👼👼
Belkis Ares
23:58 20 Feb 23
If you want the best trapper that I know call Liz at Love for Cats Trapping Rescue. I have never seen anyone like her trap and rescue. I first met Liz on...
Marie C.
12:13 18 Feb 23
I've known Liz Cordero for 20 years, she is one of the best in the community handling and taking care of our kitties.I have transported many kitties for her, from Miami all the way to Palm Beach.She is dedicated and an expert in the field of handling misplaced kitties.Proud of you Liz!! Keep up the hard work!
01:38 17 Feb 23
Liz Cordero did TNR for 7 cats in my community which I paid her for in the beginning and gave a donation as well. Do I know if these cats were fixed, had shots, no, I do not. The final cat Willy had his eye removed and my friends and I found a home for him. She said absolutely not, he is feral and is going back in the colony. He is a friendly cat. She would not let me see him before he was released so I did not know if this was the cat I was taking care of. Liz Cordero sent me paperwork via text which was blurry and I could not even read what was done to the animals, all 7 of them. She came back in to my community without me calling her in at the gate, which is tresspassing, so she set me up and did not want me to have him back to go to a home, a forever home. One of the other cats in the colony has since been rescued by one of my friends. Feral, I think not!! Would I recommend Liz Cordero. Absolutely not! She is not a nice person and I was misled. She is only in this business for profitting and not for the love of the animals - especially when they could go to a forever home. Shame on you Liz!!
Deborah Valin
18:52 14 Feb 23
I highly recommend working with and/or supporting Love for Cats.I reached out for help trapping and neutering a community cat that was living at an AirBnb...
J P.
08:55 31 Jan 23
I don't recommend Liz Cordero because she pockets donation money to support herself. She is not disabled, but instead pockets money from the government. She is not a good person. Does not know how to speak to people. She also uses bad vets. Don't use this woman.
Betty Grossm
08:27 30 Jan 23
Troy Frase
21:05 05 Oct 22
I began volunteering with Animal Aid and met Liz. We instantly bonded. I would often help care of her 2 dozen+ foster cats/kittens at her home (when my...
Amy A.
20:51 29 Sep 22
I had heard of her name, but did not know her. Well, I met her at the pet store and I associated her name with a physical meeting, Great. My impression was, wow, she is on the ball. And she is. I booked an appt with her to take care of my colony kids/cats and she showed up and took care of the task as promised. She went above and beyond actually, but will keep the rest of the story between us. I would highly recommend her. She is with a good reputation and honorable to work with her. I feel like she is a friend!! Liz would come out even on pain days. She is very compassionate about animals and making a difference for sure. Thank you Liz!
Silva Stoyanova
16:41 29 Jul 22
Liz is awesome, responsive, knowledgeable, friendly and gentle with the cats. I looked for Months to get help trapping a large community of cats that needed to get fixed and she was most definitely a life saver
Carmen Albarran
12:54 21 Jul 22
I met Liz online and I am very happy with her. She helped me to trap some cats and kittens and she is Excellent!! Liz is devoted, kind, and she really loves cats. She trapped 50 cats at the Flea Market right on the spot. She has a lot of experience and she does it from the bottom of her heart.
Rose Waserstrom
20:36 18 Jul 22
Excelente servicio se lo recomiendo a todos usar los servicios de LOVE FOR CATS.
Banesa & Elvis Abreu
18:50 18 Jul 22
Liz is so generous and sweet, And she helps all the kitties So grateful for what love for cats did for our cats that live with us outside at the halfway house.
Mark Pezzetti
03:47 17 Jul 22
I had an amazing experience with Love For Cats. Liz is very kind and attentive. She will still helping you in anything you need before and after the adoption. We can see all of them love what they do and the cats are very well treated by them. I adopted my 2 cats through them and couldn’t be more happy and satisfied. 😊
Barbara Guimaraes
23:08 10 May 22
Liz is awesome! So helpful! Yesterday we caught 4 alone! 2 might be pregnant… one for sure. At least they will all be getting fixed, some re-released and some will get adopted! I feel relieved!
16:15 07 Apr 22
Was so glad to have Liz rescue 6 stray kittens and TNR for the mama.Liz is so caring and competent.I and the kitties were so fortunate to have found Liz and Love For Cats❤️
Helen Fallon
16:25 25 Mar 22
Liz went to my house to help me with a pregnant stray found her a foster home and trap 8 feral’s had them fixed such dedication compassion for those poor animals I am so happy is people like her in this world thank you
ines duqque
14:10 21 Feb 22
Liz is extremely helpful! She is really nice and super educated about cats and helped me rescue a stray who desperately needed medical attention. Will use again !
Casey Roberts
22:17 11 Feb 22
Elizabeth Kim
22:15 11 Feb 22
Roz a lind
02:37 11 Feb 22
Professor Sycamore
02:02 26 Jan 22
Carlos Maxwell
03:31 08 Dec 21
Liz was great! My family and I had been trying to catch these two community cats for months but we were unsuccessful to help them, so we reach out Liz and her Organization and the Cats were trapped and spayed. We cannot be more happy with the service Liz provided, and needless to say we are so happy these two Cats were finally spayed! I highly recommend this Organization ❣️👍🙌
Stefy Ceballos
21:08 10 Oct 21
Shelby Heckathorn
00:45 19 Sep 21
To date Liz has trapped nine cats for me. I highly recommend her for TNR. She is dedicated and really knows what she is doing. Do not hesitate.
wendy schnell
00:32 15 Sep 21
Liz Cordero, the Founder and President of Love for Cats and Trapping, is one dedicated individual! She cares about the welfare of all cats, especially...
Cheryl K.
16:35 31 Aug 21
It's unfortunate, she responds to email, asks one to call and when you do, she never returns calls. I thought she was all about helping for a fee? Perhaps...
Cathy V.
04:31 30 Aug 21
Liz is the best at trapping and helping stray and Ferrell cats I have called her twice and I wouldn't call anyone else
Jolene Sharpe
20:12 13 Aug 21
Liz is the best. I was so nervous about trapping two Ferrell cats on my property but she is so calm, professional, humane, and honest. Don't even think...
Jolene S.
13:27 13 Aug 21
This organization is phenomenal. I cannot say enough about Liz. I called left a message on Wednesday re: a pregnant cat outside of our apt. complex, she called me right back. On Thursday morning I was able to drop her off and Liz took good care of her. She was seen be the Vet and she is going to be put up for adoption. This is truly God's work to have that kind of dedication. I want to thank Liz for everything and the relief we feel to know she is in good hands. Please keep this organization on your donation list because the need for TNR is real. She went above and beyond for us as she does for the community.Thank you againLindaThank you
Linda Grant
16:42 06 Aug 21
Ernell Vance
03:08 02 Aug 21
Ivette Santiago
01:13 16 Jul 21
Amazing organization I highly recommend! Liz is absolutely incredible. I needed 3 cats TNRd and she was so knowledgable and an absolute pro. Quick, professional and organized from start to finish. I am very grateful to Liz and her services.
Susan Harris
18:29 26 Jun 21
Liz who runs loveforcats was so helpful caring and compassionate to my stray cat that has lived in me and my neighbors yard for about 4? years. Pinky as we call him thinking he was a girl. He was sick for about a month and was sad seeing pinky suffer so i looked up and found liz at love for cats. Liz was a god sent to pinky and us. Thank you so much for coming , trapping and taking care of pinky for us. Nursing him back to health going over and beyond the job we asked of you. God bless youGary
Gary Mcpherson
20:16 23 May 21
I was desperate because I knew that this cat will be hungry and alone, I reached out to a couple of different places and no back call or was sent to another number. But Liz called me back and she explained what she needed from me, and how she was going to help me and this poor cat. May I say I just moved to Broward and met my first Angel , may you continue to help these defenseless creatures and you are amazing.Thank You for your help and kindness..KM
Kay M
23:55 07 May 21
Liz is truly amazing! She came to my place to trap a sick cat. I was concerned that the cat was to ill to be saved. Thanks to Liz and Love for Cats Rescue Buddy the cat has a second chance at life. She loves and cares for all the cats she rescues. Thank you Liz for your service in the community !
Kimberlyn Mena
23:59 29 Mar 21
Chris A
18:44 29 Mar 21
She does a lot for cats, we need more like her around.
Christy Green
15:29 29 Mar 21
I contacted Liz regarding a pregnant stray that showed up at my neighbors house. Liz was very helpful & thankfully was able to trap her & arrange for her to be taken into a foster family. I highly recommend Love for Cats.
Monica Montagna
19:02 19 Mar 21
Amanda Olivieri
14:14 05 Mar 21
What can I say about love for cats? Nothing but the best what an amazing experience with Liz...She knows exactly what she’s doing ,and I would recommended for anybody thanks LIZ
Hover Santos
20:24 26 Feb 21
Gail Sikora
20:00 20 Feb 21
I needed to TNR 9 community cats and Love 4 Cats came highly recommended to me. They were everything I could hope for and more. Kind, professional and genuinely caring, Liz humanely trapped and vetted my little colony. I couldn’t be happier.
Eileen Snitzer
21:58 11 Feb 21
Liz the girl did excellent job She trapped 12 cats for us and very good on time!
Sonia Soares
22:42 08 Feb 21
I had been searching for a place to get my newly adopted street cat spayed and her shots up to date when I found Liz’s information. I had been trying to get in contact with vets and shelters because everything was so expensive I didn’t really know what to do. When we talked I thought it couldn’t be this easy what if she wasn’t legit. I mean you hear stories of all kinds of things. But I took the chance and could not be HAPPIER! She is amazing! I got straight forward information and was able to get everything done with her help and service. She gets the job done and loves doing it! If you are searching and aren’t sure if this is the best idea for assistance, let me assure you, it is!
Natalia Velasquez
12:18 05 Feb 21
Liz came to our house to help us with a stray cat that moved into our yard with two kittens. We needed her help and she came to our house the same day and trapped all of them. She was quick to answer our messages. Liz is very professional and a kind person that truly cares for these animals.The momma cat was returned to our yard and the two babies are being fostered to find them loving homes.I would recommend her rescue to anyone who needs help with cats.
Camila Montoya
01:58 28 Dec 20
Liz just came and trapped 8 kittens and a momma kitty. 3 of the kittens are older and will be coming back after they are fixed and had their vaccinations. The momma kitty will also be coming back. The kittens are young and, hopefully get adopted! We are beyond grateful for her help! She is very skilled and even has a remote “drop trap” that was VERY helpful. I highly recommend her if you need help with community kitties.
Toni Bryan
22:11 21 Dec 20
Liz was fantastic ever since my first contact with her! She had the sensibility in adjusting my appointment once she noticed my cat's situation through a picture I sent her. She explained to me all the procedures and how to take care of the cat once she brought her back! She was very punctual and sent me all the necessary documents I need to have the cat. The cat is very well and we are very happy to have found Liz!
Daniella Palhais
00:53 01 Dec 20
I had my cat and his brother neutered yesterday at Love For Cats. Liz took very good care of us, was very professional and kind. She answered all of my questions, no matter how trivial they were. I went crazy trying to find an affordable place to fix my cat, was so discouraged until I found Liz. What a great organization! I highly recommend Liz and Love For Cats!
Denise Mccullers
13:47 07 Nov 20
Liz is a godsend. We need more people like her in this crazy world. Thanks for all that you do, we love you!!
Gary Hyman
01:37 28 Sep 20
paul thompson
11:26 23 Sep 20
Liz is such a wonderful person and doing a great service for many communities in our area. This resource really saved the day for me and my kitten. I had wanted toHave it neutered but I was coming up empty-handed because of Covid.
Tamara Byrnes
19:28 20 Sep 20
Liz is amazing! She captured my feral cats and got all of them fixed within a timely manner. She picked up some kitties I had too and fixed them and put them up for adoption. Liz helped our kitties so much and I am so appreciate of everything she does! You can tell she really loves each and every cat and does everything in her power to give them the best life!
bruny cruz
17:35 11 Sep 20
Liz the cat trapper was here on the days we arranged, called me if she was running late and got two of my feral cats, a male and female without any being injured. They were returned a few days later after their surgery in excellent health unharmed and still trusted me to feed them as usual which I was concerned about, apparently for no reason. The cats were well taken care of and now I won’t have to worry about them being ill from over producing. She will return for the others soon when she has an opening. I highly recommend the service of Love for Cats and will tell everyone how satisfied I am with their help. Please donate so they can continue their rescue work.
Sandra Bond
13:15 09 Aug 20
I applied for a bonded pair of one Siamese boy and his long hair tortie sister and we didn’t get chosen. Liz contacted us and had a phone interview, the next day we had a home check via video call. She was very respectful and got to meet all family member except My teen who was sleeping at the time. She explained to me what they were looking for in the new potential adopting parents and let me know in advance that there were a few great applicants and that it was going to be a difficult decision. She followed up and kept in touch with us constantly through the whole process, she would notify me when she was running late. We didn’t get chosen. Liz gave us the bad news with great respect and instantly approved Us for another bonded pair of Siamese siblings. This processed took 72 hours since I received the first acceptance email to where we were notified of the rejection. I had an appointment set up at the Broward animal care to meet a Russian Blue baby that Broward animal care had on hold for me and felt in love instantly so he is now with us. The Search is finally over! .
Jessica Govea-Hanggi
13:08 29 Jul 20
Sincere, professional, caring. An A+ organization.
Jennifer Alongi
02:06 26 Jul 20
So easy and helpful! Absolutely love my kitten and the process of adopting was great. Liz and the foster mom were big helps.
Brianna Geissinger
18:26 10 Jul 20
Very pleasant to work with. She caught all the cats at my workplace in a very short amount of time. She had them spayed and neutered and released them after a few days of love and care. She cares for the cats and she was super nice. Absolutely recommend her.
andrea hall
01:46 28 Jun 20
We adopted a kitten from Love for Cats and we couldn't be happier. Liz loves her just as much as we do. Liz and her foster crew are attentive, responsive and helpful. We couldn't be happier and would recommend anyone looking to adopt - to call Liz!
19:42 12 Jun 20
I thank God I saw Liz at the pet smart. Such a life saver, was turned into broward county for feeding feral cats and not getting them spayed. I called Liz and she was there within a week caught 7 adults and 11 kittens within an hr!!! Thank you for being reasonably priced!!!
Laura White
14:39 05 Jun 20
Sandra Lowe
20:26 22 May 20
Rose Jacobovitz
16:49 22 May 20
We had two strays in our backyard that needed veterinary care and neutering. Liz and her team did an amazing job, they were always super responsive and communicative. Now the cats are both very healthy.
Martina Alia Pani
17:02 20 May 20
My experience with both Liz and Lisa was out of this world. I feed a couple of cats around the neighborhood as I am terribly allergic and cannot keep them inside . One day I saw Liza and Liza picking up the cats that were usually around . I became concerned and she quickly tried to put me at ease and mentioned her intent was to help the cats and explained all the benefits of getting them fixed. She even mentioned she would have them back in a couple days . I was a bit skeptical still , and had to catch my poor babies in order for her to take them.... Just two days after, she not only brought back the cats in the neighborhood but brought me the cats I feed directly to me! I couldn’t have been more grateful for her kind act and the great communication she offered the entire time. Definitely great people!
Jami Rosado
01:35 23 Apr 20
I'm so happy to get all the cats I want it amazing so amazing l love it
1k. Vins
13:54 15 Apr 20
Liz was amazing in helping find the right kitten for my wife and I. She gave me a lot of advice on how to take care of our new kitten properly as it is our...
Fernando F.
06:06 07 Apr 20
Blackheart Goon
03:11 17 Feb 20
Jr Big
19:54 12 Feb 20
Hey friends!I just wanted to take a moment to share how grateful I am to Liz and Love 4 Cats Rescue. Liz is an amazing lady and a woman of integrity with a true heart for animal rescue and welfare. She devotes her every waking moment to their safety and well-being. If Liz says she will show up, rest assured she will be there as promised, ready to help. Liz helped me multiple times over the course of a few months even providing food, litter, toys and medication for a few kittens I decided to foster until she could find forever loving homes for them. This is what we accomplished:Liz lovingly helped, saved, spayed, neutered treated and/or adopted out 15 total cats that just showed up out of the blue or were born here on my property:5 TNR’s (Trap, Neuter Releases)2 Adult adoptions8 kitten adoptionsAll were trapped, transported, spayed/neutered, immunized, medicated if needed, cared for and handled with compassion, love and kindness and then adopted and placed with their forever families or safely returned from where they were trapped for a TNR.I can’t say enough about how wonderful Liz and Love 4 Cats Rescue have been to me. I have been rescuing and rehabilitating animals all of my life, not as a profession but just out of love. I have worked alongside lots of people I call the “True Hearts” in this industry and I can honestly say that Liz is one of the best!
Trinity Electric Lady
17:00 27 Jan 20
Liz, was my savior when I happened across a bunch of feral cats near Dania Beach. When all of the other rescues required certain prerequisites, Liz stepped up and TNR'd countless mommies and kittens without question. Over an 18 month period, we saved and adopted out at least 15-20 kittens and spayed over 8 full grown cats. All of the cats have since found homes or are under the care of a very nice lady, who resides in Dania Beach. Liz, was always there when I needed her, and stepped up to foster cats for me, until I could find them homes, or bring them into my own home. I seriously do not know what I would have done without her. She is kind and fearless and has a good heart. She has even trapped and rescued kittens/cats, and was caring enough to drop them off at my vet for me so they could be evaluated b4 I could bring them into my home with my other cats. Liz, is my "go to" girl for any cat related needs. She is the best!! Highly recommend!!
sallyann chandler
18:40 03 Jan 20
I can’t say enough about For the love of cats we had seven cats that we needed to be picked up and taken care of and brought back to us and it was done promptly safely and they all came back home I would definitely recommend For the love of cats to anybody who needs help taking care of cats in their neighborhood by having them neutered Safely in return back to their home area
Donna Buschman
21:33 13 Dec 19
Love for Cats is literally a life saver!Liz’s compassion and skills are of the highest quality.Love for cats prices are reasonable and if every neighborhood would take responsibility for their community cats by trapping, sterilizing and returning them themselves or by hiring Love for cats we could All make a big difference!Love for cats was there to help when no one else would.Love for cats has my upmost gratitude.
Sandra Casey
19:56 12 Dec 19
Have known Liz for some time+Love For Cats has the most caring staff and volunteers...She always has nice cats and kittens available for adoption. All are...
Andrew W.
15:24 03 Dec 19
I adopted my crazy Lily from Liz.. she was knowledgeable and patient and answered all my questions. Thank you for bringing this crazy girl into my life ❤️
Amanda Stiglich
12:16 28 Nov 19
Because of a growing feral colony in our neighborhood, I requested the Liz Cordero trappings take place in 2017. Liz trapped approximately 10 cats and had them all inoculated, treated for ticks and fleas, spayed or neutered, and she fed and lovingly took care of them as they recovered from the surgery. Upon recovery Liz then re-released them next door to my residence to the originating location. The project was a resounding success e.g. TNR at its finest ! Thank you Liz !!!
Maxwell Smart
23:48 23 Nov 19
They are awesome and really care about the cats ..so glad I found them
Eileen Anderson
01:55 11 Nov 19
Liz is amazing. She truly cares about the cats! You can tell she is a big animal lover. She has trapped for us a few times and has always done a great job. I wish I could give her more than 5 stars.
23:24 10 Nov 19
Liz was great at love for cats! She makes you feel like extended family by adopting and always there if you need anything. She made our process so simple and easy we ended up with 4 new additions! I can't recommend Liz more, she's honest, caring, passionate, and makes sure every cat she handles has a better life. October, Theo, Charlie, and Kitkat thank you for all you did for me them before getting them to us!
Ashley Lorence
13:26 10 Nov 19
Liz was kind enough to bring a beautiful kitten to my home to see if we liked each other. By the end of the day I had a new ‘family ‘ member. Thank you Liz for your kind and professional service
Pamela Robinson
10:30 10 Nov 19
Cesar Carrero
02:27 10 Nov 19
Adopted a lovely kitten from Love for Cats. I felt like they held my hand throughout the adoption process. Very pleased.
01:34 08 Nov 19