Over the years, we have humanely trapped more than 3,000 cats. Trapping can be an excellent option to rescue cats that are sick, injured, or malnourished.

Love for Cats will develop a customized trapping strategy based on the cat’s situation and location. We’ll also make accommodations for trapping sick or injured cats.

Love for Cats will provide everything that’s needed for humane trapping including the trap, food, personnel, transportation, and basic medical care.


We’re happy to help you with your trapping needs. Here’s how our trapping process works.

  1. Please  contact us first so we can discuss the cat’s specific situation and answer any of your questions.
  2. Complete the TNR application below.
  3. Pay a $25 non-refundable donation to reserve your appointment, which can be applied toward the total costs.

Total trapping costs are typically $50-$100, although costs could be higher in some cases.


What Your Trapping Donation Fee Covers

  • Vet Checkup

  • Vaccines, deworming, flea treatment

  • Food, shelter, and care until adoption/release

  • Any medical care

  • FIV/FeLV testing